NBA Draft Winners:

Detroit Pistons

Draft Pick ups: Jaden Ivey (PURDUE) & Jalen Duren (MEMPHIS)

The Pistons hit two home runs in the draft! They stole Jaden Ivey at 5, when the Kings skipped over him for the less skilled Keegan Murray. Ivey has an extremely high ceiling as an athletic scoring guard. He also fits perfectly next to Caden Cunningham (A Playmaking Guard) & Saddiq Bey (A Catch ’n’ Shoot Wing)

The REAL heist was Jalen Duren. Duren is an 18 year old freak of nature. He’s 6 ft. 11 in. and 250 pounds of pure athleticism, and he plays like it. Duren has an extremely high motor and plenty of upside to grow as a player. For now, he will work as a rim-protector, and lob threat.

Houston Rockets

Draft Picks: Jabari Smith Jr. (AUBURN), Tari Eason (LSU), Ty Ty Washignton Jr. (KENTUCKY)

We already know what the Rockets received in Jabari Smith. The player many people considered the best prospect in the draft, was snagged by the Rockets at number 3. Nothing else needs to be said. What did the Rockets do next? Ice the cake.

Tari Eason is 6 ft. 8 in. wing. He’s an athletic, defensive minded player. This fits right into what the Rockets need right now. Jabari and Tari have the potential to anchor this defense for years to come. Last but not least, Ty Ty Washington Jr. has the opportunity to fill the facilitator role for this Houston unit. Washington is simply a very good point guard. He can score when needed; he’s tough, and knows how to run an offense.

Great Draft Fits:

AJ Griffin (DUKE) to Hawks: Griffin is a high upside player, who could turn into that true #2 option next to Trae Young. Right now, The wings on Atlanta can either score or defend. None of them can do both at a high level. As a big athletic wing who can shoot (best shooter in the draft), Griffin has the potential to be a piece that makes this underachieving Hawks team work.

Ochai Agbaji (KANSAS) to Cavs: Agbaji is a ready right now type of prospect. He’s got good size and athleticism as a win. Defense was his calling card as a college player, and he led the eventual National Champion Jayhawks in scoring (18.8 ppg) as well.



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