Obvious Snubs From the NBAs top 75 rankings

Dwight Howard

I am by no means a Dwight Howard fan. In his Prime, He was the most physically gifted player on the planet next to Lebron James, but didn’t have nearly as much dedication to the game of basketball.

Even with that being said, He’s a first ballot hall of famer, who led an Orlando team to the finals with no true #2 Star. He has 3 Defensive Player of the Year Awards, averaged 20 and 13 religiously in his prime. Give the man his flowers.

Who should he replace? Anthony Davis

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie being left off didn’t bother me at first until I saw who was voted in. I love Kyrie, but he has his faults. He’s hard to count on as a teammate, and his leadership ability has definitely been questionable over the years. As a Cavs fan, I’ve always been critical of his facilitating ability as a point guard.

But, I don’t know if there’s a big enough gap in his career and Damian Lilliards for one guard to get the nod and not the other. The stats and measurables have always been close between the two. They’re both small combo guards who score more than facilitate, and make big shots in big moments. Both came out of college hot and won rookie of the year awards. Both have had success in the playoffs. Dame as the leader of his team. Kyrie as the #2 to Lebron. This was so close that I know it came down to who is more like in the media right now (politics).

Who should he replace? Dame (I’d say they should share a spot)

Klay Thompson/Tracy McGrady

I have two here because either way you spin the argument; How the hell did James Harden make this list over these two. If it’s personal success you like, what has he done that Tracy McGrady didn’t? If you like team success, then Klay is by far the player to choose.

I enjoy watching James Harden’s game, but at some point we have to acknowledge his style of dominating the basketball has yet to produce postseason success. This season with the Nets will be very telling because he has absolutely no excuse anymore.

Who should they replace? Harden



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